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Spacepro Sliding Wardrobes Installation Guide

Spacepro Sliding Wardrobes Installation Guide

You can download our full PDF installation guide by clicking the image to the right.

Prior to providing us with the measurements for your opening for custom size spacepro made to measure sliding wardrobe doors we recommend you have the opening you intend to install the sliding wardobe doors into complete, so you can obtain the measurements we require to manufacture your doors.

For our fixed size spacepro sliding wardrobe doors you will need to create an opening to suit the doors you are ordering.

We advise against laying the bottom track directly onto a carpet. We recommend you fit the bottom track onto a piece of 4" x 1" or 4" x 2" timber or similar. Please ensure the floor is perfectly level and if required pack the bottom timber where necessary. When providing us with measurements ensure this is already in place to provide the measurements from.

If you intend fitting the top track directly to a ceiling you will once again need to ensure this is level too.

Alternatively you may choose to build a complete frame into which the doors will be installed. If you would like the doors to close up against a wall, ensure you take into account any obstruction such as coving, skirting, radiators, electrical sockets etc.

It is recommended that the position of your doors / track gives you a depth of a minimum of 620mm inside the wardrobe to allow for your internal storage system.

Custom doors can be manufactured to suit a maximum opening height of 2480mm and max opening width of 4555mm. They will suit a minimum opening height of 1200mm.

Our spacepro fixed size sliding wardrobe doors will only suit an opening height of 2260mm (89").

The doors can be easily installed by any competent home DIYer.

Click here to read pdf installation guide. The guide explains how to fit the track, position the doors, adjust them etc.